Kathryn Joseph

Prodigiously talented and criminally underrated; Kathryn is one of Scotland’s best-kept secrets. Her voice possesses the other-worldly quality comparable to Ms Newsom and Björk; but she is by no means of an ilk. Better compared with Anthony Heggarty; she is an artist in every way; unique and soulful, and at the core a beautiful unnerving truth.

Lyrically compelling and sonically stunning, ‘Bones You Have Thrown Me And Blood I’ve Spilled’ evokes a stark, cinematic journey. Written in a period during which life took Kathryn between northern bothies, east coast beaches, the forth bridges and ultimately the east end of Glasgow where she recorded the album – predominantly live – in a week with Marcus Mackay at the Diving Bell Lounge (Frightened Rabbit, Snow Patrol, Sparrow and the Workshop).

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