Kathryn Joseph \\ WINNER of Scottish Album of the Year Award 18 Jun 2015

I've not even really seen Kathryn to say how excited proud I am. 

She's sleeping. 
So she should be. 
She danced hard last night. 
So she should have.

The The SAY Award   was incredible and made better for Kathryn Joseph's album  (recorded and co-written by our Marcus of the Diving Bell Lounge ) has been recognised in such high regard.

I'm sure there are those who have known Kathryn for years who must be feeling so happy that she has this platform to reach more listeners. I've only known her 4 years and it definitely feels a relief to know that she might feel this is her time and opportunity to make more beautiful noises. On record and live.

I. Can't. Wait.

And thank you everyone.