Kathryn Joseph \\ Fair Mothers debut album 22 Sep 2016

A little bit of other artist and label love here for Fox Food Record's new release...

Based in Aberdeen, Scotland; Fair Mothers is the principle creative outlet for singer-songwriter Kevin Allan who creates beautifully poignant and honest folk music

'Blind' is no exception, a tale of how the lingering light of love fights its way through the dull, domesticated nature of our lives

With an enviable support cast of the remarkably talented Kathryn Joseph (Scottish Album of the Year Winner) and Scottish music legend Marcus Mackay on production duties (Frightened Rabbit, Snow Patrol, Trembling Bells) recording of the album took place during several caught weekends at Marcus' Diving Bell Lounge Studios in Glasgow

The result of these sessions are ten stunning and stirring tracks. Allan's melodies ache, Joseph's harmonies shiver, acoustic guitars rattle, pianos chime, bass flashes and Mackay's drums pump blood through the veins

Lyrically focussing on dense and tumultuous themes such as love and heartbreak, regret, life and loss; Allan's knack of grounding his prose, his skill of bringing the mundane to life means the songs weave and wind into our conscious, their words feeding our weak and weary minds

About the songs Allan says
"I don't know where they come from. Maybe they are about trying not to be a total failure. About trying to find something. Something like a pearl..."

Fox Food Records are very proud to be releasing the album digitally and on limited edition 12" vinyl on the 11th November

Pre-orders are available here via their bandcamp:


"Quietly compelling throughout, “Blind” might be the record’s soft opening but it immediately resonates, setting the scene with a dexterity that grips and endures for far longer the length of the story it tells" - GOLDFLAKEPAINT

What Have I Done
Crazy Lamb
In Threes
Slow Learner
Lake of Morning

Artwork: 'The Hands that Know I-III 2016' by the extremely talented Rachael Perisho